Our Mission

Chloe Nichols

The Chloe Nichols Foundation exists to honor the memory of Chloe Beth Nichols. We honor Chloe by providing scholarships benefiting college bound students involved in the creative arts. In Chloe’s memory we encourage people to advocate and take charge of their health and healthcare including understanding the serious medical warnings and possible side effects of prescription drugs.

Scholarship Fund

The Chloe Nichols Memorial Scholarship is a scholarship program that honors Chloe’s spirit, imagination and creativity. One, or more scholarship(s) will be granted annually to a college bound High School Seniors who demonstrates superior creativity. This creativity may be expressed in any manner, whether it is musical, theatre, creative writing, or the arts.

Chloe’s Crew Running Group

Chloe’s Crew is one way in which we raise awareness and funds for the Chloe Nichols Foundation.

In the wake of Chloe’s tragic loss, Chloe’s Crew, a running and walking group, was founded in October 2009. Our annual run to honor Chloe’s memory is the Carlsbad Half Marathon that takes place in January of each year.

Prescription Drug Black Box Warning Awareness

The Chloe Nichols Foundation was founded as a result of a horrible tragedy that could have been avoided. Chloe was taking a medication that carries a “black box” warning issued by the FDA. A black box warning is the sternest warning a drug can carry and still remain on the market and medications with black box warnings need to be taken with extreme caution. Asking your doctor or pharmacist about the side effects of a medication may seem like due diligence, but is not enough, and often will not get you the information you need. Parents and caregivers must seek out this information. An internet search on the name of the medication with the words “black box warning” will often result in the actual black box warning for the medication. We asked and researched online, but in Chloe’s case, a lack of information, combined with lack of care, resulted in the worst possible outcome.

One mission of the Chloe Nichols Foundation is to bring awareness of these “black box” drugs to the public and to encourage parents to seek out this information and be vigilant advocates in the care of their beloved children.